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Lake Greeson Walleye are prized for their excellent taste. Walleye are native to Arkansas and during the March spawning season, walleye become concentrated on spawning shoals of Lake Greeson in Arkansas.

Lake Greeson in Arkansas is stocked with up to 100,000 fingerlings through the nursery pond every third year. Lake Catherine is the walleye brood stock source.

Along with Lake Greeson fishable walleye population in Arkansas exist in the Spring River, Eleven Point River, Current River, Ouachita River, lower Kings River, Beaver Dam tailwater, lower Little Missouri River, and the eastern Saline River.

Also Fishable walleye populations have been created in large reservoirs, such as Lake Ouachita, Norfork Lake, Bull Shoals Lake and Greers Ferry Lake.

The current world record of 22 pounds,11 ounces came from Greers Ferry Lake. Greers Ferry Lake is managed as a trophy lake with an 18  to 28 inch slot limit and a 4 fish daily limit, only one of which may exceed 28 inches.

Bull Shoals Lake, Norfork Lake, and Table Rock Lake are managed with an 18 inch minimum length limit and 4 fish daily limit.

The statewide creel limit on walleye is six fish with no size restrictions.

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